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Discover how WordCast can transform your website's content into a powerful revenue-generating tool. By leveraging AI to optimize keywords and create contextual deep links, WordCast automates content monetization and ensures your links stay relevant and engaging. From customizable link styles to popover windows displaying targeted ads, WordCast offers a range of features designed to boost your earnings and audience engagement. Watch our video to learn more and start maximizing your content's potential today.

Video Transcription

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Hi Everyone, and welcome to WordCast! Wordcast is a groundbreaking approach for website and blog owners aiming to maximize their content's earning potential. By leveraging AI to identify and utilize the most impactful keywords within your content, WordCast transforms these keywords into contextual deep links. This process not only automates content monetization but also ensures that your links are always relevant and engaging for your audience.

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Once you've added the Wordcast tag to your website's pages, you'll start seeing the Wordcast contextual deep links based on your prompt for that specific campaign. You can decide how many links you want per page and paragraph and even change their color and style.

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When someone clicks on a WordCast link, a popover window appears. This popover displays advertisements or other content relevant to the articles on your website. This customizable feature is designed to help you generate more revenue or expand your audience by recirculating users within your website or on your social media platforms.

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In addition to the popover and the hyperlink creative type, you can use the WordCast key-value to display your banners contextually. I hope you enjoy this introduction!

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